Greenhouse applications

SunSelect: CHP is the win-win choice for the Californian greenhouse

David Hutchinson - V.P. Operations, SunSelect Produce USA

SunSelect is a 64-acre (25 hectares) greenhouse located in Tehachapi, California, which produces tomatoes and bell peppers. In this region, greenhouse cultivation makes it possible to control various ambient parameters, from humidity and temperature to water supply and CO2 for plant growth. CO2, in particular, speeds up plant growth and therefore leads to higher yields: the very reason why SunSelect decided to install a cogeneration plant for its greenhouses. The 6 MW cogeneration system provides electricity for lighting, heat that is used for plant growth during cold periods and 3000 kg/h of CO2 used to increase crop yield. A winning choice for SunSelect which, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and enhancing the efficiency of its production process, obtained a credit of $500,000 from its natural gas supplier for the installation of the plant.

  • Publication date: 14/07/2020
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: United States
  • Duration: 0:03:58