Greenhouse applications

Multiple benefits for Under Sun Acres, Canadian greenhouse with a 13.3 MW cogeneration plant funded by the CHPSOP 2 Program

Chris Del Greco - Owner, Under Sun Acres

With a 24-acre bell pepper greenhouse and 24 additional acres under construction, Under Sun Acres is a greenhouse located in the province of Ontario (Canada), which operates 365 days a year and exports products throughout North America. In 2014, the company applied for the CHPSOP 2 (Combined Heat and Power Standard Offer Program), a program that aims to support the generation of energy from cogeneration plants and, after being approved, installed a 13.3 MW plant. The electricity produced is sold to the grid, the heat is used to heat the greenhouse and the CO2 is released for plant growth. With a 94% efficiency and a perfect integration with the greenhouse, we can consider this plant to be highly efficient.

  • Publication date: 10/11/2020
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: Canada
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