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Medical innovation and process efficiency. LivaNova’s pillars

Luca Scalmana - Operations Director, LivaNova

LivaNova is an American multinational company operating in the medical devices field. Its largest plant is located in Mirandola (Italy), where blood oxygenation solutions are developed and produced. The plant is fully verticalized, meaning that it works from the raw materials to arrive at the finished product and therefore the consumption of electricity, as well as of other resources, is high. The plant in fact needs hot and cold water, as well as steam. The optimal solution for a more efficient production is therefore a trigeneration system. A 2 MW plant supplies electricity for molding and clean rooms, cold water and hot water for the heating system, as well as steam for humidification and sterilization. From an environmental point of view, this plant saves around 4,000 t/year of CO2, with a 3-year ROI for the company.

  • Publication date: 10/09/2019
  • Original language: Italian
  • Origin: Italy
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