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Revision of the “Fit for 55 Package" and the EPBD - COGEN Europe’s contribution

Hans Korteweg - Managing Director, COGEN Europe

COGEN Europe is collaborating on revising the “Fit for 55 Package”, making sure that cogeneration has a well-defined role within this program. At the same time, the Association is also supporting changes to the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive). The residential sector consumes about 80% of energy to produce heat and, in fact, it becomes crucial for the achievement of the energy and climate objectives that have been set. Micro-cogeneration for housing units and cogeneration for district heating for large cities can also play a fundamental role in this scenario.

  • Publication date: 20/05/2022
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Duration: 0:03:24