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Israel: incentives for the production of energy from cogeneration installations up to 300 MW coming soon

Anat Klein - Partner Energy & Infrastructure, GKH Law Offices

One of the hot topics at Cogeneration Day Israel was the news of the upcoming introduction of a provision that provides incentives for the production of energy using cogeneration, for a total of 300 MW. The provision is aimed at all industries and “kibbutzim” in Israel that intend to self-produce electric and thermal energy, relying on cogeneration installations with a maximum power of 16 MW. These will be able to sell energy to the grid, as well as being entitled to a premium for the production of energy using cogeneration plants. The only concern in the sector is the presence of poorly developed and widespread gas infrastructures in the area.

  • Publication date: 13/06/2019
  • Original language: Hebrew
  • Origin: Israel
  • Duration: 0:01:48