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COGEN Europe presents the “Snapshot Survey 2018/19”: stable growth and more micro-CHP plants

Hans Korteweg - Managing Director, COGEN Europe

The executive director of COGEN Europe gives us a preview of the results of the “Snapshot Survey 2018-2019”, before the official presentation set to take place during the annual COGEN Europe conference. The installed capacity has remained almost unchanged over the last 5 years (11% for electric and 15% for thermal), but the amount of electricity produced has increased in many European states, with a positive overall trend. In terms of fuel used, natural gas stands at 40%, but renewables are also seeing a strong growth. Finally, cogeneration and micro-cogeneration are both registering strong growth in the tertiary/commercial sector.

  • Publication date: 25/09/2019
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Duration: 0:03:09