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Advance Manufacturing Office: the voice of the manufacturing industry at the US Department of Energy

Valri Lightner - Deputy Director Advanced Manufacturing Office, DOE

As its Director explains, the Advanced Manufacturing Office of the DOE (Department of Energy) is the office focused on the research of new technologies to improve the energy efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the American manufacturing industry. The main objective of the AMO is to reduce the energy intensity of the manufacturing sector in the US by 25% over 10 years. An opportunity to achieve this objective and to ensure greater energy flexibility and resilience to the manufacturing industry is provided precisely by cogeneration. The AMO has initiated a number of research initiatives on cogeneration to make it even more efficient and sustainable, as well as supporting companies through the CHP Technical Assistance Partnership.

  • Publication date: 13/10/2020
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: United States
  • Duration: 0:05:00