Biogas & biomass applications

Rebranding biogas: spreading the word about biogas has never been easier

Jan Rapp - MD, Founder, Biogasakademin 

Biogas should not be associated only with agriculture, manure or waste, but should also feature in the everyday lives of normal people. An example? When driving a car, going to a restaurant or travelling to school or the office.  This has come about in Sweden through a Biogasakademin project linking 19 companies: by showing the same biogas logo at service stations, on cars, on the entrance doors to hotels and restaurants and on food waste bins in offices or gardens at home, it has become easier to help people know about and recognize biogas and to give a boost to sustainable energy production.  

  • Publication date: 26/04/2018
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: Sweden