Biogas & biomass applications

Cogeneration from biogas in Canada: +50% of plants installed since 2011

Jennifer Green - Executive Director, Canadian Biogas Association

As the Canadian Biogas Association's "Canadian 2020 Biogas Market Report" shows, the number of biogas plants installed in the country has doubled since 2011. The 279 biogas plants in operation today produce 196 MW of electricity and 6,000,000 gigajoules of renewable natural gas and are differentiated by size and type of feedstock (landfill waste, agricultural waste and wastewater). The RNG market has also grown significantly in recent years, especially in Columbia, Quebec and Ontario where there are policies to support growth. According to the report, the future looks bright for biogas and biomethane in Canada, as only 13% of available resources are currently being utilized.

Credits: Biogas Channel

  • Publication date: 15/09/2021
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: Canada
  • Duration: 0:05:30