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Poland: 2.7 MW cogeneration plant illuminates a 4-hectare greenhouse

Artur Jędrych - Technical Director, Grupa Producentów Rozsad Krasoń

Grupa Producentów Rozsad Krasoń is one of the largest greenhouse seedling producers, with three production sites in Poland and exports throughout Europe. In order to meet the growing energy needs of the 4-hectare greenhouse located in Kisiele, the company has decided to install a 2.7 MW cogeneration plant. The plant, flanked by a storage system, guarantees a constant supply of electricity for greenhouse lighting, as well as for heat. Grupa Producentów Rozsad Krasoń has also chosen cogeneration in other locations and a second plant will soon join the existing one at the Kisiele site, as plans are underway to expand the greenhouse.

  • Publication date: 27/07/2022
  • Original language: Polish
  • Origin: Poland
  • Duration: 0:04:32