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Ledoga produces tannin with lower CO2 emissions and 10% savings on the energy bill

Pierluigi Vieno - Chief Engineer, Ledoga Srl

Ledoga is one of Italy’s largest tannin producers and can be considered an intensive energy-consuming company. In fact, its electric and thermal energy consumption accounts for approximately 25% of its production costs. This led the company to install a 2.7-megawatt natural gas-fired cogeneration plant. The in-building plant is able to meet most of the company’s energy needs and is now running at about 95% of total capacity. The main advantages for Ledoga have been the reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 5000 tonnes/year and NOx and CO levels well below the regulatory limit.

  • Publication date: 05/01/2017
  • Original language: Italian
  • Origin: Italy
  • Duration: 0:04:46