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Trigeneration for Fondazione Poliambulanza: an example of excellence in the hospital sector

Jorge Federico Galluzzi - Energy Manager, Fondazione Poliambulanza Istituto Ospedaliero

With a view to optimizing its energy costs, Fondazione Poliambulanza - a multi-specialty hospital capable of handling over 32,000 admissions per year - has decided to build a 2MW trigeneration plant for the integrated production of electrical, thermal and cooling energy (used for air-conditioning). The distinctive features of the plant? The plant has a special sound-absorbing barrier that makes the cogenerator’s presence imperceptible, and is also well-integrated into the hospital environment by being housed in its own dedicated building.

  • Publication date: 13/03/2018
  • Original language: Italian
  • Origin: Italy
  • Duration: 0:04:21