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Ziehl Abegg axial fans: higher performance for cogeneration plants with a focus on sustainability

Francesco Rizzante - Area Sales Manager, Ziehl Abegg Italia

Ziehl Abegg, a leader in the ventilation sector, offers cutting-edge, innovative solutions. In particular, two types of axial fans can be installed on cogeneration plants: MaxVent, which combines powerful engines with flexible aerodynamics, and ZaPlus, installed on dry coolers and representing the very top of the Company’s range. Ziehl Abegg ventilation systems are an optimal solution for ensuring plant sustainability and reducing operating costs. The design of Ziehl Abegg’s axial fans makes it possible to maximize performance and limit acoustic impact. Moreover, they are a strategic element in plants operating in the agri-food chain, playing the role of a process thermoregulator.

  • Publication date: 19/01/2022
  • Original language: Italian
  • Origin: Italy