Energy efficiency and cogeneration

CHP in critical infrastructure: colleges & universities

Lynn Kirshbaum - Deputy Director, CHP Alliance

In this third video, we take you into the world of American colleges and universities, which in 2019 hosted nearly 20 million students. Currently, 278 universities and colleges in the U.S. have a cogeneration plant infrastructure in place totaling 2,560 MW. However, according to data provided by the DOE in 2016, the potential is much higher, standing at about 14,000 MW. For these facilities, cogeneration plays a particularly important role in projects and research that involve constant use of energy and therefore cannot risk voltage drops or blackouts. New York University, for example, installed a large 14.4 MW plant that provided electricity and heat even during Hurricane Sandy and allowed the university to house private citizens who lost their homes because of the hurricane.
For more information, please refer the attached fact sheet prepared by the CHP Alliance.

  • Publication date: 09/06/2020
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: United States
  • Duration: 0:02:49