Energy efficiency and cogeneration

Making European industry zero carbon

Christophe Grudler - MEP Renew Europe Group, Shadow Rapporteur on the European Industrial Strategy

According to Christophe Grudler, the European industrial strategy must be based on 3 fundamental elements: firstly, all categories of industries in all European countries must be taken into account, without any exclusions; secondly, the digitalisation of the industry sector must be accelerated; and finally, Europe’s strategic autonomy must be strengthened. With regard to decarbonisation, Christophe Grudler believes that the role of cogeneration is crucial for a carbon-neutral industry and that, where electrification is not possible, the use of hydrogen or biogas is recommended.

  • Publication date: 09/07/2020
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Duration: 0:02:06