Energy efficiency and cogeneration

Micro-cogeneration to decarbonise the residential sector in Italy

Andrea Zagaglia - Technology Manager, Tecnocasa Climatizzazione

Micro-cogeneration allows the combined production of heat and power such as cogeneration but with plants that do not exceed 50 kW and is mainly used in residential, service sectors or small industries. Micro-cogeneration can also be defined as high-efficient, with an efficiency that can exceed 95% and primary energy savings above 20%. In Italy, the spread of this technology is facilitated by the main facilitation mechanisms: fuel tax facility, ecobonus and superbonus (65% and 110%), and white certificates. According to Zagaglia, micro-cogeneration will play a fundamental role in the decarbonisation of the residential sector, responsible for 30% of primary energy consumption in Italy, but this is only possible if authorisation is introduced and facilitates access to the collective self-consumption mechanism.

  • Publication date: 22/02/2021
  • Original language: Italian
  • Origin: Italy
  • Duration: 0:08:11