Specialty gases applications

A coal mine in Poland fuels a 2 MW cogeneration plant

Jakub Piotrowski - CHP Chief Engineer, Polska Grupa Górnicza sp zo.o.

Leszek Kukułka - Head of Department of Environmental Protection, Polska Grupa Górnicza sp zo.o.

Polska Grupa Górnicza has decided to turn risk into opportunity. The methane naturally produced during mining activities is a threat to miners, so in 2013 the company decided to install a 2 MW cogeneration plant. The methane is extracted from the mine and conveyed to the plant, and the electricity produced is used to power the machinery. The heat produced, meanwhile, supplies the office heating system and a nearby residential area.

  • Publication date: 11/07/2017
  • Original language: Polish
  • Origin: Poland
  • Duration: 0:03:33