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Cogeneration in Mexico, with challenges to be overcome and a potential of 20,000 MW

Jorge Armando Gutiérrez Vera - President, COGENERA México

A study comparing the Mexican and US cogeneration markets reveals that Mexico has an installed capacity of 4,000 MW against 81,300 MW in the US; this is a significant difference, but a potential capacity of 20-25,000 MW is envisaged for Mexico over the next few years. As the president of COGENERA México reminds us, cogeneration and trigeneration are the most suitable and efficient technologies for Mexican industry, but barriers persist that will have to be overcome to make sure that they become widespread throughout the country. What barriers? Financing and project authorization processes.

  • Publication date: 21/01/2019
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Duration: 0:04:23