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ADV: SENTRON SP 30 oil - a first of its kind innovation in stationary gas engine oil technology

Zoe Fard - Research & Development Product Specialist, HollyFrontier Lubricants & Specialties

HollyFrontier Lubricants & Specialties’ Research and Development department develops, implements, and promotes a wide range of innovative products. A first-of-its-kind innovation in stationary gas engine oil technology, Petro-Canada Lubricants SENTRON SP 30 is formulated for high brake mean effective pressure 4-stroke engines operating under high loads and varied temperature conditions. Among other benefits SENTRON SP 30: reduces oil consumption, extends oil drain intervals, maximizes engine cleanliness, durability and reliability and reduces wear in start/stop operations, which is typical for CHP applications.Under controlled R&D test conditions, SENTRON SP 30 has demonstrated a fuel savings of 0.8-0.9% over SAE 40 oils.

  • Publication date: 04/08/2021
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: Canada
  • Duration: 0:03:56