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ADV: Trends and challenges in stationary gas engine technology: Petro-Canada Lubricants SENTRON SP 40 Gas Engine Oil

Stephan Conradt - Senior Sales Manager - Power and Transport - Direct Sales EMEA, HollyFrontier Lubricants & Specialties

As stationary gas engine technology moves forward towards hydrogen-fueled engines, today’s gas engine operators are facing challenges related to three major trends: efficiency, lower emissions, and lower total cost of ownership. Recognizing that engine operators want more power and efficiency from their engines while maintaining reliability and protection, HollyFrontier Lubricants & Specialties has developed SENTRON stationary gas engine oils. SENTRON SP 40, in particular, has been developed to protect the reliability of steel piston gas engines, extending drain intervals while providing the protection these high-performance engines depend on.

  • Publication date: 17/12/2021
  • Original language: English
  • Origin: Canada
  • Duration: 0:03:09